Next generation EpiFlu™ in Development

The long-awaited, well-publicised EpiFlu™ v2.0 application, being developed by Scopeland GmbH since 2014, approaches completion. Participants in the GISAID-isirv-WHO bioinformatics workshop in Chicago in August 2016 were fortunate to receive instruction in the use of a beta version of v2.0 and were particularly impressed by the user-friendly award-winning analytical tools, provided by GISAID’s technical partners, which are integral to the new platform.

Given Scopeland's longstanding relationship as a key provider of software solutions to the Federal Office for Agriculture & Food (BLE), the technical host of the current EpiFlu™ database, GISAID remains confident and committed to assisting Scopeland in overcoming the final hurdles and delivering a robust functioning v2.0, fulfilling the promise of a much improved EpiFlu™ user experience.

Examples of Upcoming Features in v2.0